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Featured Client: Hallman/Lindsay Paints, Inc. Hallman/Lindsay Paints, Inc. has been selling paints in Wisconsin for Wisconsin for over 55 years. Today, we remain the only Wisconsin-based paint company making our own paints and stains that we sell in our own 24 stores. Featured Attorney: Norman D. Farnam “My job is to see the future and help my clients prepare now and even shape it.  Doing that job well requires experience, expertise, and common sense.” Featured Client: Twigs “Our relationship with SWH has evolved from single issue problem solver to strategic partner. We depend on the sound, meaningful advice and solutions they deliver.” -Don Van Wart, Twigs Featured Client: Stark Company Realtors® “I personally invest myself in every person who comes to work here, because I want to know that when they’re serving customers, they’re going to provide the very best experience they possibly can.” -David K. Stark, President, Stark Company Realtors® Featured Attorney: Robert R. Stroud “Every succession plan is unique, every family is unique.  The key is to preserve the business while treating all the stakeholders fairly.”