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Supreme Court Rules That Confirmation of Winning Bid at Sheriff’s Sale Does Not Establish Guarantor’s Debt

March 29, 2018

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that a circuit court may “decouple” the confirmation of a winning bid at sheriff’s sale in a foreclosure action  …     Read more→

Lender Must Pay Borrower’s Attorney Fees as Equitable Remedy for its Bad Faith

March 28, 2018

In a 6-0 decision, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has decided that circuit courts have the power to award attorney fees as part of an equitable  …     Read more→

Wisconsin’s Circuit Court Access Website Will No Longer Display Certain Cases After Two Years

March 5, 2018

The State of Wisconsin maintains a website (wccabeta.wicourts.gov) that provides public access to certain records of the Wisconsin circuit courts.  The website is very user-friendly  …     Read more→

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act “Safe Harbor” Turns Rocky for Debt Collectors

February 12, 2018

As most businesses know, getting paid can sometimes be difficult and time consuming.  Unfortunately, in certain cases trying to collect on an outstanding debt can  …     Read more→