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Sheriff’s Sale at 55% of Fair Market Value Does Not Shock the Conscience When Homeowners are Only Playing for Time

December 20, 2017   Norman D. Farnam

Is LIBOR Going the Way of the Dodo?

September 20, 2017   Norman D. Farnam | Douglas C. Scriver

Bartol Named Managing Member

September 15, 2017

Worse Comes to Worst: Successor Lender Sanctioned for Failing to Correct Predecessor’s False Documents

September 7, 2017   Norman D. Farnam | Diana M. Eisenberg

Time Flies in Small Claims Court: Unique Deadline Calculation Rules Can Be a Trap for the Unwary

August 22, 2017   Norman D. Farnam | Douglas C. Scriver

Eight Stroud Attorneys Recognized as Best Lawyers® 2018

August 15, 2017

Insurance Agents May Be Deemed ERISA Fiduciaries – Act Accordingly

  Peter J. Richter | Douglas C. Scriver

Banking Overtime Might Become More Flexible

August 2, 2017   Peter J. Richter

We’re Moving!

July 21, 2017

Six Reasons You Need an Estate Plan

July 5, 2017   Diana M. Eisenberg

Ambiguous Restrictive Covenant on Real Property is Unenforceable

June 27, 2017   Jennifer M. Luther

A Tribute to Vern Howard

June 2, 2017

Divorce Does Not Cancel Guaranty

June 1, 2017   Norman D. Farnam | Jennifer M. Luther

Wisconsin’s Prevailing Wage Law Might Not Prevail

May 18, 2017   Peter J. Richter | Douglas C. Scriver

Divorcing Couples Have Options: Choosing the Right Process for Your Divorce

May 17, 2017   Rachel E. Mielke

Supreme Court Rules Contractual Jury Waivers are Enforceable

May 1, 2017   Norman D. Farnam | Diana M. Eisenberg

For Unmarried Couples Who Own a Home Together – A Co-Habitation Agreement is a Must!

April 24, 2017   Charity A. McCarthy | Douglas C. Scriver

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Wisconsin Family Cabin Takings Dispute

April 3, 2017   Jennifer M. Luther

Keep the “Limited Liability” in your “Limited Liability Company”

March 15, 2017   John J. Laubmeier

Forbearance is Adequate Consideration for Note and Guarantee

March 14, 2017   Norman D. Farnam

Proposed Law Providing For Bolstered Judicial Authority Might Benefit Employers

March 2, 2017   Peter J. Richter | Douglas C. Scriver

New Guidance from EEOC Includes “Promising Priorities” for Employers

January 26, 2017   Peter J. Richter

Lender’s “Poor Record-Keeping and Business Practices” Results in Dismissal of Foreclosure Action

January 19, 2017   Norman D. Farnam


Stroud Attorneys Named 2016 Super Lawyers

November 16, 2016

My Business Just Received a Subpoena. Now What?

November 15, 2016   John J. Laubmeier

21st Century Compliance: New “Smart” I-9 Forms

October 4, 2016   Peter J. Richter | Diana M. Eisenberg

Look Out Construction Lenders, Your Title Policy May Not Cover Liens

September 30, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Diana M. Eisenberg

Announcing Stroud’s Best Lawyers® 2017

August 30, 2016

Follow the Leader to Greener Pastures: Company’s Non-Solicitation of Employees Provision Ruled Unenforceable

  Peter J. Richter | Douglas C. Scriver

No Payment, No Judgment, No Sale: Court Denies Foreclosure to Bank for Breach of Fiduciary Duties

August 22, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Douglas C. Scriver

NLRB Rules E-mail is the New Watercooler

July 25, 2016   Peter J. Richter | Diana M. Eisenberg

Stroud Attorneys Prevail Before Supreme Court of Wisconsin

June 29, 2016

“Like” Me When I’m Gone: The Wisconsin Digital Property Act

June 23, 2016   Jennifer M. Luther

Stroud Attorneys Co-Author Wisconsin Civil Procedure Before Trial

June 20, 2016

Ready or Not: Wisconsin Courts Adopt Mandatory E-Filing

June 15, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Douglas C. Scriver

Stroud Willink & Howard Welcomes Rachel E. Mielke

June 10, 2016

New Law Should Encourage Businesses to Update Their Employee Contracts

May 26, 2016   Peter J. Richter

Delayed Overtime Changes Finally Delivered

May 20, 2016   Peter J. Richter

New Federal Publications Address Employer FMLA Obligations and Transgendered Employees’ Restroom Rights

May 11, 2016   Peter J. Richter

Supreme Court Rules that Fees Owed Under Condominium Association Policy Cannot Trump Lender’s Senior Mortgages

May 9, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Janell M. Oudenhoven

Update: Governor Signs Zombie Property Legislation

April 28, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Douglas C. Scriver

Update: Governor Signs Bill Shortening Residential Redemption Periods

April 26, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Douglas C. Scriver

Court Rules Bank’s Mortgage is Junior to Unrecorded Land Contract

April 4, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Jennifer M. Luther

New Changes to Wisconsin’s ABLE Program

April 1, 2016   Carolyn A. Hegge

Update: Zombie Homes May Remain Zombies (For a Year)

March 17, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Douglas C. Scriver

Wisconsin Legislature Shortens Redemption Periods in Residential Foreclosures

March 16, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Douglas C. Scriver

Stroud Willink & Howard Welcomes Charity A. McCarthy

February 22, 2016

Suspicion Requires Investigation: Bank Loses Secured Claim Because it Originated Loan Despite Signs of Borrower Fraud

February 17, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Douglas C. Scriver

No Handshake Deals with Lenders: New Law Protects Lenders from Liability for Oral Promises and Commitments

February 5, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Janell M. Oudenhoven

“As-Is” Clause in Purchase Contract Ineffective: Bank Still Liable to Buyer of Foreclosed Property

January 8, 2016   Norman D. Farnam | Jennifer M. Luther


Changes Delayed, But Not Forgotten: Overtime Exemptions and Employee Classification Rules

December 31, 2015   Peter J. Richter

Court Denies Bank Judgment Because Bank Did Not Prove It Held Original Note

December 30, 2015   Norman D. Farnam

Doug Scriver Joins Stroud Willink & Howard

December 23, 2015

2016 Inflation Adjustments and Other Tax Changes

December 21, 2015   Carolyn A. Hegge

Hybrid Organizations Allow Entrepreneurs to Pursue Both Profit and Social Good

December 3, 2015   Diana M. Eisenberg

Stroud Welcomes Jennifer Luther and Diana Eisenberg to the Firm

October 30, 2015

How to Calculate Lifetime Minimum Required Distributions From Your Individual Retirement Account(s)

October 15, 2015   Robert J. Schwab

The “Know Before You Owe” Rule: New Rules & Forms in Residential Home-Buying

September 17, 2015   Norman D. Farnam | Jennifer M. Luther

Announcing Stroud’s Best Lawyers® 2016

September 16, 2015

UPDATE—Wisconsin Authorizes ABLE Accounts

July 30, 2015   Carolyn A. Hegge

Stroud Attorneys Co-Author Wisconsin Civil Procedure Before Trial

July 22, 2015

Employers Learn That Terminating An Employee For Lying Or Using Offensive Language May Be Illegal

July 1, 2015   Peter J. Richter

“Pay to Play:” Court Rules Amenities Off Limits Unless Foreclosed Condominium Lien is Paid

June 24, 2015   Norman D. Farnam

Employer’s Policy Entitles Former Employee to Commissions

June 5, 2015   Peter J. Richter

The Able Act — Section 529 Disability Savings Plans

May 28, 2015   Carolyn A. Hegge

Update: Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling Did Not Invalidate Your Non-Compete Agreements

May 19, 2015   Peter J. Richter

Qualified Subchapter S Subsidiary Election

April 27, 2015   Robert J. Schwab

Buying a Home? Get to Know the Real Estate Condition Report

April 3, 2015   John J. Laubmeier

Senate Bill Proposes Major Shift for Non-Compete Enforcement in Wisconsin

March 19, 2015   Peter J. Richter

Lender Loses Security for $1.5 Billion Loan Because Law Firm Delegates Tasks

March 11, 2015   Norman D. Farnam

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Weighs In on E-Commerce and Sales Tax

March 6, 2015

Update: Supreme Court Rules That Zombie Houses Will Be Sold

February 20, 2015   Norman D. Farnam

Wisconsin Partners With Federal Government To Combat Employee/Contractor Misclassification

February 12, 2015   Peter J. Richter

Limiting Personal Liability Takes More Than Organizing A Limited Liability Company

February 2, 2015   Norman D. Farnam

Will Someone Sell this Zombie House?

January 15, 2015   Norman D. Farnam

2015 Inflation Adjustments and Other Tax Changes

January 2, 2015   Carolyn A. Hegge


The Advantage Of Marital Property When Couples Change Domicile

December 15, 2014   Robert J. Schwab

Charitable Organizations – The Cost of Group Fundraising

December 4, 2014   Carolyn A. Hegge

Employer Victory Is Bittersweet – NLRB Orders Payment Of Losing Side’s Fees

November 24, 2014   Peter J. Richter

Electronic Contracts Are So Convenient But Are They As Good As Paper?

November 17, 2014   Ronald W. Todd

Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling Could Invalidate Your Non-Compete Agreements

November 3, 2014   Peter J. Richter

Rental Real Estate Activities and the Net Investment Income Tax

October 17, 2014   Joseph P. Bartol

Eight Stroud Attorneys Recognized as Best Lawyers® 2015

September 22, 2014

Think Your Vacant Land is Overassessed? Recent Case Law Guides Taxpayers on Requirements of 50% Property Tax Reduction for “Undeveloped Land”

September 10, 2014

Doing Good is Not Good Enough: Wisconsin Court of Appeals Weighs in on Another Benevolent Purpose Property Tax Exemption Claim

September 8, 2014

Two for One – Bring One Employment Complaint, Get the Second Free?

September 2, 2014   Peter J. Richter

Supreme Court Recognizes Doctrine of Equitable Assignment in Wisconsin

August 15, 2014   Norman D. Farnam

Election to Treat the Purchase of Stock of an S Corporation as the Purchase of the S Corporation’s Assets

August 1, 2014   Robert J. Schwab

The Trustee’s Duty to Inform and Report under the New Wisconsin Trust Code

July 15, 2014   Carolyn A. Hegge

Court Rules on Streaming, Recess Appointments, and Corporate Religious Rights

July 7, 2014

Court Declares Gay-Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

July 1, 2014

The Unexpected Watchdog of Personnel Policies

June 16, 2014   Peter J. Richter

Cancellation of Debt: LLC or S Corporation?

June 2, 2014   Ronald W. Todd

Selling Your Business – The Sales Tax Trap

May 15, 2014

The Fine Print of Business Contracts – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

May 1, 2014   John J. Laubmeier

Powers of Attorney and Guardianships

April 7, 2014   Carolyn A. Hegge

Governor Signs Bi-Partisan Legislation Adopting the Uniform Trust Code

April 1, 2014   Robert R. Stroud

Court Approves $7.25 Billion Settlement in MasterCard/Visa Class Action

March 17, 2014   H. Dale Peterson

Outpatient Hospital Status Can Cost You

March 3, 2014   Robert J. Schwab | Krista R. Pleviak

What Tax Records to Keep and for How Long

February 25, 2014   Carolyn A. Hegge

Wisconsin Adopts New Mortgage Satisfaction Law

February 15, 2014   Norman D. Farnam

Word of the Month: Passive Activity Loss

February 3, 2014

NLRB Gives Up On Posting . . . For Now

January 15, 2014   Peter J. Richter

Hey, that’s my air! Trespass by Delivery Drone

January 6, 2014

2014 Inflation Adjustments and Other Tax Changes

January 3, 2014   Carolyn A. Hegge

Court Forces Bank to Complete Foreclosure

January 2, 2014   Norman D. Farnam