Criminal Defense

Being investigated for or accused of a crime can be an overwhelming experience. Our criminal defense practice group has handled thousands of criminal cases of every variety. We especially pride ourselves on our record of success in jury trials, but, no matter what stage your case is in, we have the expertise and experience to protect your reputation and freedom.

Representative Matters:

  • white collar / fraud
  • drug possession / trafficking
  • homicide
  • sexual assault
  • date rape / statutory rape
  • harassment
  • computer crimes
  • OWI / DUI
  • domestic abuse
  • federal indictments
  • underage drinking
  • restraining orders / injunctions
  • Title IX / school disciplinary hearings

OWI/Traffic Defense

A conviction for driving while under the influence can be catastrophic to your reputation and career. Our attorneys are experts on the law and the science behind OWI cases, and are prepared to fight on every level: including legal challenges to the conduct of the police, field sobriety testing, and the accuracy of breath and blood tests.

Representative Matters:

  • OWI / DUI
  • OWI homicide
  • OWI injury
  • operating with drugs / prescriptions
  • hit & run
  • commercial driver’s license
  • refusals
  • license suspension / revocation
  • reckless driving
  • speeding

Criminal Appeals / Expungement

Our lawyers have long recognized the importance of continuing to fight criminal cases even after a conviction. That is why we maintain a criminal appeals practice, frequently taking cases before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals and even the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. We are also experienced in clearing up convictions that happened many years ago, and we have had successes in obtaining reductions of charges, relief under the sex-offender registration laws, or expungement of criminal records.

Representative Matters:

  • direct appeals
  • state / federal Habeas Corpus
  • ineffective assistance of counsel
  • newly discovered evidence
  • expungement
  • reopening cases
  • sex-offender registration issues