Wisconsin Expands Online Unemployment Services

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By Peter J. Richter

November 13, 2018

The end of an employment relationship can often lead to the filing of a claim for unemployment compensation benefits.  In Wisconsin, the unemployment compensation program is overseen by the Department of Workforce Development (“DWD”).  The DWD not only monitors employer compliance with the rules and regulations governing contributions to the unemployment compensation fund, but the department also processes and reviews any claims for unemployment benefits.  Occasionally, there are disputes regarding an individual’s entitlement to benefits and in those instances, the DWD reviews the situation and makes a determination.  Recently the DWD announced the implementation of certain enhancements to its online system including enhancements bearing upon benefit eligibility disputes.

The UI Employer Online Services and SIDES E-Response program is a web-based system allowing for the electronic transmission of information from and to the DWD.  In its recent announcement, the DWD noted that the sign-on process had been streamlined, making it easier for employers to use the program.  Previously, employers needed to use different login credentials for replies that were sent via the system.  Employers may now simply use their UI Employer Online Services credentials to address matters through the SIDES program.  The DWD believes this enhancement will make the system more user friendly.  Employers will also now be able to view benefit determinations and file appeals electronically.  In particular, employers will be able to access and print determinations, file an appeal of an unfavorable determination, amend an appeal response, and deliver attachments.  While employers may view the process of fighting a benefit determination as an uphill battle, the new online system should at least streamline the procedure.

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