Stroud Attorneys Prevail Before Supreme Court of Wisconsin

June 29, 2016

Stroud, Willink & Howard is proud to announce that its attorneys have prevailed in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin case of Fontana Builders, Inc., et al. v. Assurance Company of America, 2016 WI 52.  The case involves the denial of builder’s risk insurance coverage to a builder and its lender.  The firm represents the lender and successfully argued that the builder’s risk policy provides coverage for a building substantially damaged by a fire.  The case is significant for builders and lenders because it reverses lower court rulings that created a gap in insurance coverage, exposing builders and lenders to unanticipated risk.

The case was briefed by Stroud attorneys Norm Farnam and John Laubmeier with oral argument before the Supreme Court by Norm Farnam.